Course: Environmental Technology II | Fall 2020 | SOA FAU

Course Description: The course is intended to give the undergraduate students both a fundamental base and practical knowledge of the environmental control systems/strategies in large and small buildings. It introduces students to building services systems. Throughout this course, theoretical and practical applications of the building services systems will be investigated. Furthermore, to establish a connection between the course and architectural design, architectural requirements of each system will be discussed.

Students: Yagmur Akyuz, Matthew Deveau

Course: Advanced Computational Methods in Architecture | Summer 2020 | SOA FAU

Course Description: the course introduces algorithmic methods and parametric design principles for architectural design students, enabling exploration and experimentation with generative design approaches. Complex geometry modeling, parametric equations, scripting, algorithmic rules, and parametric analysis will be exercised. Understanding of design computing technologies and applications of those methods in design projects will be pursued.

Students: Amir Milani, Victoria Nicolay

Students: Ian Fennimore, David Rivera

Course: Architecture Design Studio 7-Fourth Year | Fall 2019 | SOA FAU

Course Description: The studio explores applied principles of programming in developing a design process by combining existing buildings with new development in the making of space and form. These issues are investigated collaboratively and individually in a project with a specific, predominant use within a clearly defined architectural context, and in connection to open urban, public space(s). This design studio concerns the development of a theoretical framework through which a comprehensive architectural response may be considered and developed simultaneously at multiple scales.

Student: Zeeshan Salehje

Student: Victoria Nicolay

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